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Artist Statement

In looking at my art I hope to encourage the viewer to see things in a simpler form.

Many of my landscape paintings are inspired by the "play of light" on a subject in those fleeting seconds that, at times, can seem almost mystical. Sometimes this is at sunrise or sunset. It's when the sun breaks through a cloud just after a spring shower.

Others paintings are the results of finding an interesting subject or proportional arrangement, then expressing it on a flat surface. Still others are inspired by something as simple as spoken or written words.

My paintings also have another purpose. Designed into each is an attempt to slow the rush of life for a few moments and to allow you to "just look". I hope each painting also inspires you to remember it in those rare, quiet times we carve out for ourselves.

Most of us have plenty of disruptions in our lives. As a painter I want my work to hide these life problems, albeit temporarily, behind a canvas. I also wish for them to help us to see the natural beauty locked in every moment of our lives.

C O N T E M P O R A RY &  T R A D I T I O N A L
A R T  W O R K


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